A person’s peaceful night’s sleep was continuously interrupted until they decided to unravel the clandestine affair transpiring in the apartment above. Determined and driven by the relentless disruptions, they took matters into their own hands, unearthing secrets that brought an end to the intrusive nocturnal symphony.

In August 2023, an anonymous poster turned to the “Petty Revenge” subreddit to share their story. They began by acknowledging the morally gray nature of their actions but stood firm in their lack of remorse. The Original Poster’s (OP) upstairs neighbor had engaged in a four-month-long affair with a married man, a fact that wouldn’t typically bother them.

However, the disruptive nature of their rendezvous at odd hours of the night, accompanied by audibly passionate encounters, seemed to interfere with OP’s sleep. “How do I know it’s an affair? He’s never spent the night and his car has baby car seats in there,” said OP of their upstairs neighbor’s secret lover.

OP revealed additional context, detailing a history of discord with their upstairs neighbor preceding the revelation of the affair. The neighbor, a 40-year-old woman, routinely hosted parties on Monday nights and exhibited disruptive behavior by returning home at 2 a.m., pacing her condo, and engaging in boisterous phone conversations.

Responding to inquiries about their investigative method, OP clarified that they utilized a website called Infotracer to uncover the address.

Living a lifestyle seemingly incongruent with her age, she not only organized parties with individuals in their 20s but also participated in extramarital affairs. Despite OP’s attempt at a reasonable conversation to voice a few concerns, the neighbor remained apathetic, compelling OP to involve the building’s authorities to curb the disruptive behavior. This ongoing conflict intensified the disdain OP harbored toward the troublesome neighbor.

In pursuit of resolution, OP took matters into their own hands to unravel the identity of the mysterious man disrupting their nights. Employing investigative tactics, they traced the license plate, eventually discovering the man’s address.

Further inquiries revealed a name, prompting OP to delve into social media, where they unearthed profiles belonging to the man and his wife. With newfound information in hand, OP created a throwaway account and confronted the wife about the ongoing affair.

The aftermath brought an unexpected serenity as the man at the center of the disturbance vanished from the scene for several weeks, allowing OP to finally enjoy peaceful nights of undisturbed sleep. Responding to inquiries about their investigative method, OP clarified that they utilized a website called Infotracer to uncover the address.

OP’s story gained significant traction online, garnering comments from several Redditors. One user wrote, “They broke one of the easiest rules to follow. ‘Don’t commit 2 crimes at the same time.’ He was being loud and [expletive] the neighbors, and cheating on his wife.”

“They could have just as easily been nice and doing the affair nice and quietly like reasonable people, and been doing it for a long while. But no. Had to go and be loud about it,” the user concluded.

A second user opined, “The real play would have been to message the wife saying ‘I’ve been having an affair with your husband.’ She’ll say where the info came from to him, he’ll assume the upstairs [neighbor] is trying to blow up the marriage, and everyone will hate everyone. Problem solved.”

“With my luck, his wife would have kicked him out and he would have been at the neighbor’s full time [sic],” added another user. “wow petty revenge queen moves [sic],” divulged another person. “Savage but I love it!” commented a different user.

“haha the old don’t commit a crime while you’re committing a crime [sic],” joked another user. “Reminds me of all those drug traffickers with like 40 kilos of cocaine in their car that get busted because they run a stop sign or can’t follow simple traffic laws lol,” noted another person.

What do you think about this story? Do you think OP handled things correctly, or do you feel they went a little overboard with their tactics?

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