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A young man took to the platform to share the story of how his relationship with his mother collapsed after his father’s passing.

According to him, his mom didn’t wait long before starting a relationship with someone new. What’s most, just two months after his dad died, his mother invited her new partner and his two children, an 18-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, to move in with her.

Sadly, this is when the trouble started.

OP, now 23, was a 15-year-old boy at the time.

As soon as his mom’s boyfriend and his children moved in with them, he started feeling neglected. According to him, his mother overcompensated for her partner’s kids to please him. When they would arrange to go on holiday and take trips, she would told her son to go spend some time with his grandparents.

His grandma and grandpa were well aware of what was going on, but advised him not to get into any arguments with his mom or her partner in order to avoid any further conflicts. However, things escalated during an occasion and OP’s mom asked him to leave the house and move in with his grandparents.

Realizing his mom chose her partner and his children over him, OP was devastated, but still, he did what he was told and left the house.

The only thing that gave him hope was the fact that his father left everything to him, including the house he was kicked from, but he wasn’t allowed to access the assets until he turned 21.

His mother, although she did what she did, still cared for him. “My mom would visit me often and tell me how much she loved me, but she needed to “keep peace at home,” he revealed.

On the day of his 21st birthday, OP started plotting his revenge. Having finished college, he needed money in order to pursue a master’s degree, so he decided to renovate the home that belonged to him and rent it. As you are guessing already, it was the home in which his mother and her new family lived.

One day, he went to their door in order to tell them that he now had access to the home his dad left to him, but no one answered. His mom and her partner were out of town.

OP tried contacting her multiple times but she didn’t answer any of his calls. It was then that he decided to take things into his own hands and changed all the locks.

When his mom returned from the trip and realized she couldn’t enter the place, she got mad and started yelling at him. They asked to continue living in the house because the man’s daughter was pregnant and didn’t have a place to stay, but OP said no.

He gave his mom a two-weeks time to move her and her new family’s belongings out of the house.

After posting this story on Reddit, comments started pouring in. Many believed that his dad left him his entire fortune because he probably knew what kind of person the mother was.

“I would have given them 2 days! Go live in a hotel,” one netizen wrote.

For the most part, social media users were angry at the mother for allowing a man to ruin her relationship with her son. “Any mother who puts a man and his children before her own doesn’t deserve respect,” expressed an internet user.

After sharing the story, OP didn’t provide any update, except that his mom begged him to let her talk to him again.

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