Bradley Cooper has been making headlines recently for his work in the movie Maestro. While his professional life is going well, it seems the actor has been doing well in his personal life, too.

He has reportedly been dating a high-profile model we all know and love. Keep reading to know more!

With the Oscars right around the corner, many celebrities are gearing up to strut their stuff on the red carpet. Bradley Cooper, who has been nominated for two Oscars for his work in the film Maestro, will attend without his new lady love by his side.

According to sources, Cooper is dating none other than supermodel 28-year-old Gigi Hadid. His new girlfriend is 20 years his junior.

A source told the media that Gigi Hadid, who has reportedly been seeing Cooper will not be attending the award ceremony by his side. According to the source, Hadid prefers to spend time with her daughter and, hence, has chosen to stay home.

The source said, “Gigi is not attending the Oscars with Bradley and will be at home with her daughter.”

Even though they are not appearing on the red carpet together, it seems that the couple are enjoying one another’s company. The source shared about their relationship, “Bradley and Gigi are both genuinely so happy. They’re having a great time together, doing well as a couple, and co-parenting healthily on both sides.”

Since both have famous exes whom they share children, it could have resulted in some tension but according to reports, it has all been cordial and mature so far.

Hadid shares their 3-year-old daughter Khai Malik with singer Zayn Malik while Cooper shares his 6-year-old daughter Lea with Irina Shayk.


The source shared that the exes are happy with the arrangement, saying, “Everyone is getting along, and it’s a good dynamic among all the parties. Zayn is continuing to be involved as a dad. Irina is still doing her own thing and is happy in her own life. Everyone’s being mature and focusing on their kids.”

A month ago a source told ET, “Gigi and Bradley’s relationship is serious and they have already spoken about their future together and next steps. They are great at communicating with each other in a healthy, open, and honest way. They are excited about moving forward.”

The couple has been spotted together in public a few times. Cooper and Hadid were spotted strolling the streets of Soho, New York. They were also later seen in Midtown New York and London, where they were openly affectionate toward one another.

ShutterstockAnother source previously claimed that, “Gigi and Bradley are in love.”

“Things have continued to blossom between Gigi and Bradley and have gotten serious,” a second source shared. “Everyone around them sees their natural connection. Their relationship is easy, fun, and normal.”

The source shared that both of their families love the connection they have and are very supportive of it.

“They bond over family, friends, conversations about life, parenting, living in the public eye, humor, and more,” the source went on. They have a synergy and understanding regarding all these things, and it connects them in a deep way.”


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