Suzanne Somers passed away last year on October 2023, a day before her 77th birthday. The actress’ death broke a lot of hearts, and thousands of fans were devastated at the loss.

Of course, at the 2024 Oscars, it was expected that the actress would be honored in the in-memoriam presentation. However, people were surprised at how little attention she was given. Keep reading to see what her family had to say about it…

Suzanne Somers fans are angry at the ‘snub’ from the Acadamy toward the late actress. During the in memoriam segment where those in Hollywood who have passed away in the previous year are honored, people noticed that Sommers was not honored in the way she should have been.

Her name was only included in the last slide of the segment, featured in a small font along with the names of many other stars. She was not shown as one of the main artists who were honored with their pictures as well.


Somers passed away in October of last year after a long battle with cancer at her home. Somers was famous for her role in “Three’s Company.”

The actress was first diagnosed with melanoma in the year of 2000. She then developed breast cancer, which she fought on and off for the following years. In the summer of 2023, her cancer fully returned again, which ultimately led to her death in October of the same year.

Suzanne was also well-known for many of her TV roles. She appeared in shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Hollywood Wives and in other movie roles in American Graffiti, The Nutty Professor, Say It Isn’t So, and several more.


In addition to Somers, other Hollywood legends who passed in 2023 were seemingly overlooked by the Academy. Actors Lance Reddick, Treat Williams, Ron Cephas Jones, and Burt Young, along with screenwriter Norman Lear and British filmmaker Terence Davies, were also overlooked.

However, it seems, Somer’s widower, Alan Hamel, does not seem to be upset about it. He told the media, “Last time I checked, we still had a First Amendment. I respect the Academy’s decision to not include Suzanne In Memoriam. Frankly, the outpouring from millions of her fans, was the kind of In Memoriam Suzanne would have lovingly embraced.”


He went on, “She adored and respected her fans and similarly enjoyed a beautiful relationship with the Media and Paparazzi who elevated her career to heights rarely seen. She debuted on Carson in 1973 with her first of 27 books and remained active and relevant until her passing. God bless Suzanne Somers.”

We all miss Suzanne Somers. She will always be remembered for her exceptional personality. Share this with others who might miss her too!


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