Helping your neighbor in their time of need is something a lot of people are happy to do. However, sometimes, the ask is too much and some people are not willing to go the extra mile.

Keep reading this story to know what this neighbor drew the line on…

Going into labor can be a stressful experience for many people, especially those who are parents already. If the labor comes suddenly without having prepared for it, organizing childcare can be a hassle.

While some people have a plan in place, at times, the sudden onset of labor can really throw all your plans out the window. This mother, however, had not thought about who would care for her older children as she rushed to the hospital when she went into labor. She posted her story on Reddit to see what people thought.

A 26-year-old mother posted how she had moved to a new apartment block a year ago. Since the building was new, all their neighbors had moved in around a similar time as them and they were all getting to know one another.


The building shares a courtyard; hence, children who live in the building play together. And since there are a lot of young families in the building, they often do one another favors. The young mother recalled giving other moms baby formula and helping out with other things related to their children. However, she specified that she keeps her distance otherwise and has not befriended any of the other mothers.


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