Hotel workers are one of those people who have literally seen it all. They deal with different people, some of which could be real “Karens,” but they manage to put up with them for the sake of keeping their jobs.

On top of that, they stumble upon shocking and disgusting stuff. Some hotel workers share their stories on Reddit. Read them below.

1. The Unused Toilet

As they were cleaning a guest room, these hotel workers noticed that the floor of the room was all covered in a bunch of rolled up towels. They immediately knew something was off. When they started collecting the towels, they noticed there were feces underneath them.

The smell was overpowering.

But this didn’t stop there. When they entered the bathroom, they noticed piles of feces mixed with urine at various places, including the shower, hidden behind the shower curtain.

What a messy situatation.

2. The Pizza Puzzle

While cleaning a room, a hotel worker found slices of pizza placed at different parts of the room. Some were smeared all over the TV, as though the guests were watching the cheesiest shows. Other slices were found in the dresser, on the nightstand, the sheets, and in the bathroom sink.

The most unexpected place, however, where the last peace was hidden was inside a lampshade.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the workers were shocked by this “pizza” situation.

3. The Mouse

A couple was staying at a guesthouse but they constantly complained of strange noises and their clothes being nibbled on. As the owners of the place assured them the room was clean, the woman came with a live rat some time later which she threw at the reception desk.

She then demanded refund for her entire stay.

Suspecting foul play, the owners made sure there were no signs of rat infestations in the room and demanded the couple leave the place immediately.

The couple threatened to sue at first, but they later decided to simply do what they were told and fled the place.

4. Too Much Luggage

At a hotel, a couple checked in with an unusual number of suitcases, way too more than one needs for a few days vacation.

What the workers didn’t know, however, was that those suitcases were completely empty because the couple had a plan to steal everything from the room they stayed in, even the windows. Yes, you read that right!

When they checked out and the workers went inside the room to clean it, they were left in shock. Unfortunately, the couple was long gone and the workers lost their jobs.

5. Where’s the Bathroom?

A guest staying at an upscale hotel approached the worker asking for direction to the bathroom. However, they were in such a hurry that they approached the bell stand for directions.

No one assumed that this would lead to a messy situation.

Apparently, the guest was unaware they were suffering from a medical condition and as they walked downstairs, they left  a trail of feces behind them, with every few steps revealing more.

Not only they made a mess in the hallway, but they also left the bathroom in a horribly unsanitary state.

The hotel management then blacklisted them despite their threats to leave a bed review for the hotel.

6. The Sleepwalker

At a small boutique hotel, a woman in distress went to the front desk explaining that her husband was sleepwalking and that he was nowhere to be found. She was certain that he entered someone else’s room while sleepwalking.

Not wanting to create fuss or face any potential embarrassing confrontations of checking people’s rooms, they checked the CCTV footage to track the husband’s whereabouts. Luckily, he was found sleeping in an empty room.

That day, the couple checked out but left behind a fun story to share.

7. The Silent Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are usually loud and involve a lot of drinking. But not the one taking place at this particular hotel. A group of guys, including the groom, checked in but they were very silent, to the hotel workers’ surprise.

Some time later, the bride-to-be entered the hotel asking for her future husband, saying he had forgotten his phone at home.

When a worked and the future groom knocked at the door, they were shocked to see the men fully clothed in the bathtub, engaged in a bizarre toy boat “naval battle.”

Sadly, this led to the cancellation of the wedding.

Which story did you find the most amusing?


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