First dates are always tough! You are unsure whether you like the person, and you do not know how to act. Sometimes there are nerves, and sometimes there is anxiety.

Perhaps, if you read these stories, your worst fears about first dates will be cemented! We have compiled a list of terrible first dates that might make you question whether you want to laugh or cry!

Sometimes you go on a date and quickly realize it is not meant to be. It might be due to something your date might have said or perhaps it is something they do that puts you off. Whatever it may be, it can cause a lot of ruffled feathers.

reddit thread where people shared their worst date stories had some amazing entries that are definitely worth a read! A user named, Westonworld, shared her worst date story. She wrote, “He insisted on paying for our dinner instead of going Dutch, and then totally stiffed the server. I tried to leave a tip and he got pissed at me because he was paying and it was his decision to tip or not.”

That sounds anxiety inducing! Tipping staff is so important, and your not date not doing so can be very embarrassing. Well at least it was just a date! Next time you do not need to see them.


Another user named DopeCharma wrote, “She took her hands off the wheel and said, “You think I’m craaazzyy?!” I literally jumped out at the next light.”

That is a scary situation especially on a first date where you really might not know the person! Hopefully, this was the only time the girl ever did something like this!

Another user named ShatteredKitkat wrote about her nightmare first date, she said, “He said women were stupid and would believe anything he told them. I am a woman.” That sounds like an annoying first date. Kudos to this person for being able to keep their temper!


Another user with the username Sol-Blackguy, who might have probably had the worst date ever wrote, “Went on a date with a woman from the office. Thought we had good chemistry and got along well. She couldn’t find her phone so I tried calling it and someone from the restaurant answered. I went back in for her to get it and the waiter showed me I was saved in her contacts under “Free Food.”

Ouch! That has got to hurt. No one wants to be a free meal ticket for someone especially if they like them and think there is potential in that relationship. This one seems ot be extra awkward since they are colleagues as well.

Another horrible first date was shared by user wr_gix who shared, “The girl who spent the first half of the dinner date talking about her irritable bowel syndrome and then switched to her love for god after the main course.”


Another date shared by user 4Ever2Thee was incredibly awkward, they shared, “The date was going great but we were talking about family, friends, and all that and I realized that I’d slept with her sister.”


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