Most married couples can relate to being asked when they are going to have children but for Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen, they were often asked ‘why’.

The Sydney-based mom and dad each have a different form of dwarfism and are often exposed to public scrutiny – especially when Charli became pregnant with their first child.

After giving birth to their first daughter the overjoyed Aussie mom decided to start a social media account so she could educate people on their family life – little did she know how popular her account would become.

Now the couple have two beautiful daughters and Charli’s Instagram account has over 300,000 followers.

Recently Charli announced that she was 14 weeks pregnant with her third baby but her announcement was bittersweet.

With each pregnancy Charli has had to endure painful genetic testing. Charli and Cullen’s genetic conditions mean their children could inherit one type of dwarfism (either their mom’s or their dad’s), or they could be of average height, or they could inherit both types of dwarfism, which doctors say would be fatal.


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