Bruce Springsteen is a singer who has not only remained relevant for many decades but has also remained well-loved. The singer is known for his descriptive lyrics and energetic concerts.

At 74, he still seems to be going strong. And with his latest picture on social media, it seems like his fans cannot get enough either.

Bruce Springsteen is used to being a heartthrob, having securely held that position for most of his life for millions of people around the world. It seems like at 74 years old, the singer can still make hearts flutter with just one picture!

Chris McMillan, a celebrity hairstylist, had the opportunity to cut Bruce Springsteen’s hair and posted a picture to prove it. The photo he posted began making waves on the internet because of one very interesting fact: it featured ‘The Boss’ shirtless!


McMillan posted a series of photos with Springsteen, the first of which featured the singer with a fresh haircut posing shirtless. In the caption, he wrote, “Fresh cut for the boss! @springsteen.”

74-year-old Springsteen poses without a shirt behind McMillan. In the Instagram carousel post, McMillan also included a few pictures of Springsteen onstage. The last picture is of Springsteen looking very cool as he wears sunglasses and shows off his fresh haircut in the sun.

And it seems like fans are ecstatic at the picture of Springsteen. One fan wrote, “He looks so good!!!” While another fan added, “How is it that the boss looks even better at 74 then 44! WOW!” Another shocked fan chimed in, “The Boss! I can’t believe it.”

McMillan regularly cuts and styles the hair of major celebrities. His Instagram boasts pictures of haircuts he has given the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Henry Cavill, Gigi Hadid, and more!

Springsteen and his E Street Band are currently on tour, a year after they had originally intended to be. The rocker had to postpone the original dates for his shows as he was recovering from a peptic ulcer disease.

ShutterstockSpringsteen is honestly one of the greatest performers alive today. His concerts are well attended and loved by fans because of the energy he brings to the stage.

Even though the rocker became a grandfather for the first time in 2022, it seems he has no plans to slow down his rock and roll lifestyle! We wish ‘The Boss’ the very best in his life; may he keep rocking out for years to come!


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