A lot of times child stars often disappear into obscurity with the passage of time. Now, it seems that a former child actor has come back and is trying to combat a problem he finds in Hollywood.

Keep reading to know more about what Ricky Schroder has been up to.

Ricky Schroder is best known for his role as a child star during the 1980s. In 1979, he starred in his debut role, The Champ, which earned him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination. He was also praised and is widely recognized for his role on the show Silver Spoons.

While he was known for his acting, now he is known for the promotion of his social and political causes. During the time when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, he was outspoken about the need for personal freedom. Now to further his beliefs, he has taken steps to establish a foundation.

His foundation is aimed at honoring veterans and first responders; a cause he wholeheartedly believes in.

His foundation is called Reel American Heroes Foundation, which aims to tell stories of American heroes who are veterans and first responders to appreciate their service to the country.


The foundation’s website says it aims to tell stories of veterans so that they can inspire the next generation of American heroes with the stories of their valor and service to the country.

“At Reel American Heroes Foundation, we honor our nation by presenting films, documentaries, television series, public service announcements of courage; stories about our veterans, active soldiers, first responders, Gold Star families, as well as past and present heroic figures,” the website’s text reads. “Our goal is to inspire, raise awareness, entertain, and educate.”

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He distinguished his foundation by referring to it as a ‘patriotic PBS’ that will highlight real American heroes who are oft overlooked in the mainstream media. “Here’s the plan. We’re going to build a sort of ‘Patriot PBS,’ an army of storytellers to counteract much of the negative program coming from Hollywood these days. Our money, our stories, our legacies,” the actor added as an explanation. “Folks, never has the need been greater for a constructive vision for our collective futures. Storytelling is at the root of our shared history. I know together we can build a foundation that will inspire the world through storytelling.”

To accomplish the goals they have set for themselves, the Reel American Heroes Foundation has made plans to collaborate with a formidable team of creatives. Together, everyone boasts over 100 years of combined experience in crafting, producing, and directing various types of media, which includes films, documentaries, TV series, as well as public service announcements (PSAs).

Considering for the longest time, Ricky Shroder was out of the limelight, only reappearing recently with a rugged look. Now, he is back to doing what he does best: something creative.

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