The online community was reintroduced to conjoined twins Brittany and Abby Hensel after it was revealed the latter wed the love of her life.

The sisters, who have always been inseparable, first became popular when they set Oprah Winfrey straight, reminding the talk show host that “Abby is on the right and Brittany on the left.”

Since, the world watched as the twins became women, and recently, a photo emerged that shows fans they are no longer the precocious little six-year-olds who appeared on the Oprah Show in 1996.

Brittany Hensel and Abby (now Bowling) are dicephalic conjoined twins, which means they have two heads and share all organs below the waist.

The sisters became popular after appearing on the Oprah Show in 1996, where they discussed Disney films and their closeness.

The two told the curious talk show host that when they were younger, they had a third arm. “I had surgery on it. They took it off,” Abby said.

Each now having one arm, the two – who think separately – then explained they watch each other to coordinate movements, or the arms move independently. And when they have arguments, Abby said, “sometimes we hit each other. Giggling, she adds about her sister, “when I was a little baby, she bit me.”

But usually, they are holding the other’s hand, being loving sisters.

Abby and Brittany as adults

In 2012, viewers had the opportunity to watch the girls – 22 at the time – on TLC’s reality series, Abby & Brittany, which featured their graduation from Bethel University in Minnesota, and their job search.

Today, the twins teach fifth grade at an elementary school in their home state, and live mostly private lives, shying away from the spotlights that followed them when they were younger.

Due to their quiet lifestyle, fans are quick to notice when there’s any activity on their social media pages, most posts frequently gathering millions of likes and views.

Abby gets married

While speculation swirled about a 2021 marriage, there was no confirmation from either of the women until July 2023, when they shared a TikTok clip.

The viral video, which hit the eyes of 30 million followers, shows various images, including one where they’re wearing a stunning white gown, gazing into the eyes of military veteran, Joshua Bowling.

Inquisitive fans jumped in with comments, many asking how the relationship actually works.

One writes, “Which one did he marry?”

A second shares, “So is he married to both sisters or just one? If he’s married to just one sister, what happens when the other one wants to get married?”

A third jokes, “I got a few inappropriate questions to ask.”

Fever pitch

On April 3, 2024, TMZ reported when Abby married Joshua on November 13, 2021, Brittany was not a witness. Instead, their other sister Morgan is listed.

This story again sparked the interest of the online community, who were digging out photos and videos from the Facebook pages belonging to Joshua and Abby’s mother-in-law, Heidi Bowling, both who have since changed her privacy settings.

‘Internet is extra loud’

On March 28, the twins responded to the intrigue and attention with a new TikTok post, suggesting the attention is too noisy.

The new clip, which shows two-headed statues through time, is captioned, “The internet is extra LOUD today. We have always been around.”

Still, the twins are making waves again. Fans came across a 2015 Instagram photo showing sisters Abby, Brittany, and Morgan on a beach, wearing bikinis.

Despite the trolls asking inappropriate questions, some cyber fans jumped into the comments section, praising the twins.

One user writes, “I wish you lots of love, peace and light! Congratulations to the twin who married! You are beautiful.”

A second adds, “You two women always look so beautiful,” while a third chimes in, “Congrats Abby, good for you for keeping it a secret. I’m looking forward to seeing what married life brings for you!”

On April 7, another user, who is likely not referring to the prying public, writes, “Imagine never being alone or having privacy for your entire life.”

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