Pink has been getting more candid as the years go by. Now the singer does not think twice before she posts images of herself. Her latest post features her surfing and she has made a comment in relation to her ‘thunder thighs.’ Keep reading to learn more!

Pink is a singer who has always been known for her powerful vocals. But in her Instagram post, the singer has shown off another powerful side to herself; what she dubs her God-given “thunder thighs.”

The singer posted a picture of herself taking to the waves expertly on a surfboard. The post is for a couple of years ago, she wrote in the caption simply “I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs. It’s cause he knew I’d use them.”

The singer has been a longtime advocate of body positivity and encouraging women to focus beyond their looks. Her song “Stupid Girls” from 2006 showed how women in society were prioritizing looks and the message tried to encourage them to go beyond the skin and focus on their personalities instead.

The singer thanks her athleticism to an hour of cardio and an hour of P90X or yoga. The results are obviously great since the singer has been known to deliver powerful performances that include acrobatic elements which are difficult to execute generally much less when belting out a ballad.

When Pink posted the picture, a lot of her friends commented on how beautiful she looked. Model Gisele Bundchen made a positive comment, Karla Welch wondered if there was anything Pink could not do, and Pink’s trainer Jeanette Jenkins praised the singer’s “beautiful strong legs.”

The singer has often talked about fat shaming and how the entertainment industry only accepts those who are on a very small size. In the past she has worked very hard to accept her body the way that it is. She recalled how even when she was ‘thin’ she would be at fittings for clothes and not feel great. But now the singer proudly shares, “Now I’m almost 150 pounds, and I look f—cking awesome.”



The singer has always had a strong figure as she trained in gymnastics between the ages of four and 12.

Her trainer Jenkins shared how the singer was able to keep fit by making sure to add time for exercise no matter what. Jenkins said, “When we first started training she was shooting a movie, recording a new album, learning how to be a new mom, working on getting her body back into top condition so she could deliver her fans an incredible tour.”

The singer Pink is truly a force to be reckoned with. Share this piece with fans of the singer so they can know how strong she is and how she encourages everyone to accept themselves.


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