Ryan Seacrest has been dating Aubrey Paige for three years but it seems like the couple has called it quits after a cryptic message on Instagram. Keep reading to learn more about how their relationship’s end came to light.

Ryan Seacrest, one of the most popular television and radio hosts in the world, has reportedly called it quits with his girlfriend Aubrey Paige according to sources close to the couple. The source says while the two will not go on romantically, they still plan on staying in one another’s lives as friends.

Ryan and Aubrey first went public with their relationship in May 2021. They were spotted in the Hamptons on Memorial Day weekend that year seemingly close to one another.

A year later, the couple made their relationship red carpet official at the Tribeca Film Festival. While Ryan Seacrest is known for being a very public figure who is at every industry event, the two of them kept their relationship lowkey and only went to a select few industry events together.

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The last time Aubrey posted Ryan on his Instagram feed was on April 4. The post, according to TMZ, seems photoshopped. Before this post, the previous post that featured Ryan was Aubrey’s Valentine’s Day wish for him.

For fans, they first became aware of the relationship ended when Aubrey posted something cryptic on Instagram. She uploaded a video of herself dancing around in new apartment, Ryan was nowhere to be seen in the video. The video seemed to them to be an indicator that the couple was no longer together.

The caption for the video only read one word, ‘rebirth.’

People who figured that this meant the couple had broken up, left their comments about how they felt about this situation. Some were furious at Ryan, one person commented, “big fuckin surprise, thats his thing, he strings along a woman then when she wants more he tells her to f off”

Another person agreed with their comment, and wrote, “Completely agree! He just cannot [commit] and i think hes just too selfish.”

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