man devised a brilliant plan to ensure his always-late mother arrived on time for his wedding.

Having already discussed the problematic tardiness with his mom, who always shrugged it off, the groom had to get creative.

Though she was still late, her arrival wasn’t disruptive, and everything went smoothly until she learned what her son had done.

A man, desperate for advice, shared his story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit, detailing how he tricked his always late mother.

The 33-year-old man explains that his parents are habitually late for everything and refuse to consider the impact their tardiness has on others involved.

“She is a wonderful mother and I love her dearly, she just does not understand the concept of punctuality,” he writes, adding that him and his two sisters have been disappointed by her lateness several times.

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His attempts at addressing the situation with her was a lesson in futility as she “waved it off.” He adds, “We are all used to it. My dad is just done trying to get her to be on time for anything.”

Wedding planning

The original poster then shares that his 28-year-old wife-to-be was nervous that her future mother-in-law would miss the first half of the wedding ceremony. Her punctuality was crucial as the mothers of both the bride and groom were part of lighting the unity candle, which represents the joining of families.

It couldn’t be done with only one mother.

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“So here is what I did. It is completely on me. My wife was not involved. If there is a [bad] move [made], it was completely mine.” He goes on to detail the plan: “When we were getting samples for the wedding I talked to the printer and had one special invitation printed with the time on it stated as being one hour earlier than the actual start time of the ceremony.”

The Big Day

On his wedding day, the mother was still late but, as she was given an extra hour to account for her expected tardiness, she arrived on time.

“My mother was beside herself apparently when they left the house and thought they were going to miss the wedding,” the man writes. “When she arrived and noticed other people were also just arriving and parking, she was so relieved that we were starting late that she just went with it.”

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He adds, “The ceremony went off beautifully. And so did the wedding pictures and the reception.”

Stirring the pot

Later, the OP pens his parents were joining the newlyweds for a big family dinner.

“We didn’t bother starting the grill until they showed up. She asked why everyone wasn’t eating and we just said we knew we would be waiting for them since they are always late,” the man writes, adding his mom got very defensive over his response.

“She said that she was not always late and had been on time for my wedding. She hadn’t been. They arrived 45 minutes AFTER the time on their invitation.”

Finding humor in the mother’s delusion, his cousin “snorted at her statement,” and a “few other people giggled or smiled.”

Unfortunately, the mom picked up on the snickering and “asked what was so funny.”

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Forced to come clean, the man made his confession and told her about the “special invitation.”

Before asking fellow Reddit users: “AITA For tricking my parents into being on time for my wedding?” he explains that his mom is furious for “not trusting her and making her look foolish in front of everyone.”

Oblivious mother

An overwhelming majority of users agreed with the poster, suggesting that his mother should be grateful for the extra work he put in to ensure her full involvement.

One user writes, “How can she complain? If you had sent her an invite with the real time, then she would have been 45 minutes late. She should appreciate the fact that you wanted her to be there enough that you took the time to make her a special invite to ensure she arrived on time.”

Agreeing with that sentiment, a second user shares, “Exactly, if OP did this to me I’d be like ‘wow, you know me well, nice play dude saved me from being an a**hole on your wedding day!’”


Other cyber fans expressed shock over the mother ‘s believing the wedding started late.

“The fact that it literally worked to perfection should be a wakeup call to her! Also, I am amazed at how oblivious she is to arrive 45 minutes late to her son’s wedding and just thought it was starting late,” writes another Redditor.

What are your thoughts on family members always being late to special events? Would you give them a pass? Please share your thoughts with us and then share this story so we can hear what others have to say!


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