A couple stood in line at the grocery store, and the woman, Karol, who was pregnant, couldn’t wait to get to the register because she had a hard time standing on her feet for longer periods of time.

Suddenly, out of the blue, a huge man bumped into the cart so forcefully that he nearly knocked her off balance, saying “Step off, I’m in a rush.”

Her husband got extremely angry and his blood started boiling, and just as he was getting ready to confront the rude man, Karol intervened with a plan of her own.

“Don’t waste yourself on him, just look what will happen next,” she whispered.

Remaining still but completely intrigued, the couple observed as Mr. Rude Guy smugly paying for his items and confidently making his way toward the exit, only to be interrupted by the blaring of an alarm. Suddenly, two guards who appeared out of nowhere escorted him away.

Karol could be heard laughing, prompting her husband to turn to her with a undoubtedly puzzled expression. “How did you know?” he asked. “While he was busy throwing his weight around, I slipped a little something into his pocket. A goodbye gift with a security tag,” she winked and laughed some more.

Karol’s husband’s jaw dropped in astonishment. She met his gaze with an innocent expression, and soon enough, he also found himself laughing along with her. He couldn’t help but think that he truly married the most amazing woman in the world.

Karma does work wonders, but it sometimes needs a little push.


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