Sofia Vergara married actor Joe Manganiello in 2015, and the two seemed to be completely in love. So when the news of the couple’s decision to divorce came to light, people were shocked.

After Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced their divorce, people were shocked. The couple had been married for almost seven years before they made their decision to split.

Now, Sofia Vergara is announcing what she is looking for in her next relationship. “Health. Money. Fun. With kids,” she said in an interview. Adding, “That’s it. That’s all I want.”

She has cited Manganiello’s desire to have children as the main reason for their marriage to fall apart. The ‘deal-breaker’ for the actress has been very front and center for the actress this time around. As she has made it very clear, “No more kids.”


“I was a mother already. I know what it means to be a good mother or to try to be the best mother that you can, and that takes a lot of sacrifices, takes a lot of energy,” she said in an interview.

She went on to explain her decision, “I totally respect where anyone wants to be a mom after 50. I didn’t think because of my career, the way I live my life, the way my marriage was, that it was fair to bring a kid to this world, and I’m not going to be able to give 100 percent.”

Vergara already has her son, her 32-year-old Manolo. She recently went public with her relationship with Dr. Justin Saliman, but she also clarified that she is not opposed to dating someone in Hollywood.


“I mean, it’s already hard for a 50-something-year-old woman to find someone,” she said. “I’m not going to be now picky about, ‘Oh, he can only be a doctor. Oh, he can only be an astronaut.’”

However, it appears she’s already found a doctor. Though she only says “maybe” when asked if she’s dating anyone, a source previously told ET she and Saliman “like each other a lot.”

“Sofia is also taking things slow,” a source close to Vergara has said. The source added, “Sofia and Justin have a lot of fun together and Sofia always keeps everyone around her laughing and in positive spirits. Justin likes that she takes pride in keeping her personal life private, that she’s up front and honest, and that she can be her genuine self with him.”

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Another source has revealed that the relationship with the doctor for Vergara “has gotten more serious.”

“They’ve been having a great time together,” the source shared, “and really enjoy each other’s company.”

Vergara shared how she would do anything to maintain her youth, she said, “You tell me to put cement under your eye, you’re going to look younger, I’ll do it immediately. I do it all. It’s like I put coconut oil on my head. I put it on my feet. I’ve wrapped myself in plastic with Aquaphor up to the neck. I’ll do it. I don’t care. It’s not stupid.”

Sofia Vergara is such a force to be reckoned with and a woman who knows her own mind! Share this with others who admire the actress to see what they think about her new idea.


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