If you ask me, one of the biggest perks of being an adult is that you can – generally speaking – do whatever you like, when you like. This includes dressing yourself in whatever way you see fit, fixing your hair how you want it, and having the final say on how you present yourself to the world.

It’s a liberty we all benefit from; all enjoy. Yet few among us take our creativity to the same level as Amber Luke, a twenty-something-year-old from Australia who has the unusual goal of covering her entire body with tattoos.

As per reports, Amber’s ink journey began when she was 16, and her fascination with coloring her body has becoming a core component in her life.

Over the years, Amber claims to have spent an eye-watering $120,000 transforming herself into what she labels the “Dragon Girl.”

And it hasn’t been a smooth process. Far from it, in fact: a few years back, when she tattooed her eyeballs, things almost ended in disaster.

“Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball. I was blind for three weeks. That was pretty brutal,” she recalled.

Ambs_luke/InstagramThough once Amber looked like the typical blonde girl-next-door, she’s experimented with body modification so much that today she’s virtually unrecognizable. As well as tattooing her eyeballs (and just about every inch of exposed skin she has) she also underwent a procedure to give herself a forked tongue.

According to the Daily Mail, the Brisbane, Australia resident has dropped $120,000 on body modifications, including $50,000 on around 600 tattoos and $70,000 on surgical procedures.

Her unconventional appearance may be startling to some, but Amber insists that her transformation has played a big role in saving her from a life of depression and possible suicide.

She explained: “I was so catatonically depressed, suicidal and was a walking dead girl. I was numb. I hated myself majority of the time – that hatred ran deep. It tormented me. Now, I’ve totally transformed myself into someone I’m proud of being. I’m a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and who she is.”


A few years ago, Amber posted a selection of photos showing how she looked before she began modifying her body… and it’s safe to say the results are eye-opening.


Amber said she received criticism after getting her first tattoo, but that hasn’t stopped her chasing her goal of expressing herself through body art. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as long as she’s happy and comfortable in her own skin, that’s what matters most!


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