Nicolas Cage’s son, Weston Cage, is in hot water as he is being investigated for claims that he assaulted his mother, Christina Fulton. The entire situation is quite horrible, especially with the pictures that have appeared.

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Nicolas Cage’s son, Weston Cage, is on the LAPD’s radar as law enforcement as he is being investigated for allegations for being violent with his mother, Christina Fulton.

It seems the pictures of Fulton’s injuries are now circulating, showing how serious the issue is. The alleged incident took place on Sunday evening when Weston was at his mother’s Los Angeles-area home. He has been named as a suspect in the battery of his mother.


Media reported that Weston got into a verbal dispute with his mother, which allegedly turned into an alleged physical assault. Sources reported to the media that an ambulance was dispatched to the location, however, no one was taken to a hospital.

The fight was serious enough that it warranted law enforcement to investigate it for a possible felony battery charge for Weston. While no arrests have been made so far, it is also reported that Weston had left the premises before law enforcement arrived.

Sources close to Fulton report that she was called to help her son, who had been allegedly dealing with an ’emotional moment.’ However, she has asked for privacy when it comes to the entire situation and has refuted the notion that there was an argument.


On Sunday, Christina Fulton was photographed and a massive bruise was covering her face. Under her left eye, there was a dark red injury mark as well. She also had yellow discoloration on her forehead and cheek as well.

The duo also seemed to have a tumultuous relationship. Weston has not officially commented on the entire situation.

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