I had thought that love at first sight only happens in the movies, but Matt and Danielle are proof that it can occur in real life too. As per reports, the young couple had only known each other for eight weeks when they tied the knot!

They loved each other above all else, and could not wait to start planning their future together. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas.

Just seven months after they were married, Matt fell into a coma. Everything changed one hot, summer day when Matt was involved in a bad accident.

After doing all they could, doctors wanted to turn off his respirator, but then Danielle did something that produced a miracle…

When the hospital sent him home, Danielle moved back into her mother’s house and they both helped care for her husband, where he remained in a coma for three months. (Credit: Danielle Davis/GoFundMe)

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It was a terrible motorcycle accident that put Matt in hospital.

Doctors found that the 22-year-old had broken several bones, injured internal organs, and had a traumatic brain injury.

At the hospital, Danielle was told the words no one should ever have to hear: “Your husband will probably not wake up”.

After lots of discussion and tests, doctors advised Daniel Matt’s life-sustaining treatment should be stopped. They were convinced that there was nothing else to be done.

But Danielle refused to give up hope.

“We didn’t really even have a chance to start our life together, and I didn’t want to give up,” said Danielle.