Getting a tattoo you might later regret is an experience a lot of people might have, and celebrities are no exception to this. Having a tattoo that reminds you of your former flame is always a painful reminder, and more painful still is to have the tattoo removed.

Veteran actress Melanie Griffith had a tattoo for her ex-husband Antonio Banderas. But later, once their marriage of 18 years ended, she was left to reevaluate her decision to get his name tattooed.

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Actress Melanie Griffith announced her split from actor Antonio Banderas on June 6, 2014. Days later, when she was attending a film festival awards ceremony in Italy, she covered the tattoo up with makeup.

Over the years, she has gradually gotten laser removal for the tattoo until it eventually disappeared. The couple’s divorce was finalized in December 2015 after they announced their split, which according to them, they came to ‘thoughtfully and consensually’ after 18 years of marriage.