Jennie went through a relatively normal pregnancy. She and her husband were happy to wait for children and on all the controls they got the same answers: The child looked to feel fine.

But the cloud of worries began to accumulate when Jennie was forced to enter and make an emergency caesarean section, in week 34. Although the operation and childbirth were successful, it would soon turn out that something was wrong with Jennie’s daughter.


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“When they took her out I heard her scream and they said: She is so beautiful.” These are the words every mother wants to hear, so I smiled and relaxed “, Jennie.

But seconds later, the mood was different in the room. The baby’s face was transformed.

Several nurses and doctors easily panicked when they saw what was happening to the newly redeemed daughter.

“They did everything to help her, but her skin became rock hard in seconds. After the skin solidified, it began to crack. It caused open wounds throughout her body. Behind the hills I saw their panicked faces and I asked if everything was OK.