Famous for her work on Mean Girls and Party of Five, actress Lacey Chabert isn’t as young as she once was.

She looked like she would keep shining at the height of her Mean Girls popularity, but co-star Rachel McAdams went on to become the movie’s Hollywood favourite, starring in films such as Spotlight, Wedding Crashers, and The Notebook.

Even Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan, who starred in Mean Girls together, managed to maintain their prominence; Seyfried was cast in highly regarded roles, while Lohan was just Lindsay Lohan.

What, though, has Lacey Chabert been up to in the intervening years? Actually, she’s discovered her calling elsewhere.

This is how Lacey Chabert has managed to succeed over the years.

A change in priority
In September 2016, Lacey Chabert gave birth to her first child, a girl called Julia Mimi Bella.

E! News reports that the actress entered full nesting mode in anticipation of her daughter’s arrival, organising the nursery and even having a pre-interview conversation with her furry companion, a chihuahua named Kitty.

Even though Chabert was clearly thrilled to have daughter Julia, it’s possible that becoming a parent caused her priorities to change.