A Surprising Turn to Television

Before his television success, he had reservations about working on TV. In a recent interview, he admitted that if his agent had suggested doing a series, he would have fired them! But everything changed when he met his actress wife, Kyra Sedgwick. Love has a funny way of changing our plans, right?

Love and Inspiration

Kevin Bacon shared how he enjoyed working with Sedgwick on the show they starred in together. Being able to see her transform into different characters inspired him. He found joy in attending award ceremonies with Sedgwick, just like Meryl Streep. Their shared love and support for each other have been instrumental in their success.

From a Tight Budget to Stardom

In 1976, Bacon moved from Philadelphia to New York with only $150 to his name for the entire month. He found a place at a flophouse meant for artists, actors, and musicians. Despite the challenging living situation, Bacon’s acting career took off, changing his life for the better.