A questioner said:

3-4 inch metal barrel with holes on top, bottom, and sides. Found in elderly couples home while cleaning out. Any idea?

More info: This thing that was found in an elderly couples home. The lid screws off and the inside is hollow.

Some of the people opinions on it:

Could be an old holder for moth balls–I’ve seen similar devices. Here’s an example.
There are two correct answers, it’s an infuser for making iced tea by the pitcher, or its a hanging container for moth balls. It would have a chain about 12 inches long attached to the dimple on top. If you found it in the kitchen, tea. If you found it in a bedroom, mothballs. If it was used for mothballs it will still smell like naptha and will have a white residue inside.
For spices in soup. It had a chain on it maybe.
It’s an infuser. To make a pot of tea loose tea. Or to infuse herbs into a broth.
its for moth balls