Today, Alda is speaking out about the “greatest difficulty” of living with the condition and how his attitude on life has altered since his diagnosis—but not his objectives.

Please continue reading to find out what he considers the most challenging aspect of his Parkinson’s disease case and what he’s doing to limit the disease’s progression.

After detecting this unusual symptom, Alda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015.

Alda came across a story in 2015 in which a group of clinicians described a strange Parkinson’s sign they had encountered in some of their patients: they were prone to physically playing out their dreams while still asleep, a condition known as REM sleep behavior disorder.

“I realized I had done exactly that,” Alda said in 2020. “I had thought somebody was attacking me, and in the dream, I hurled a sack of potatoes at him. I tossed a pillow at my wife.”