The documents also alleged that Jolie attempted to use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to threaten the security guards into silence about this.

The documents are part of the years-long legal battle between both exes over their joint Château Miraval vineyard. In this case, there has been much back-and-forth over the use of NDAs and other issues.

According to the documents, Webb was the “head of Jolie’s security detail for two decades, and he remained in that role for approximately four years after the couple divorced.”

Webb stated that Jolie “required him and his contractors to sign NDAs relating to various personal and professional details of her, and her family’s, life.”

After the couple filed for divorce, they had a major custody battle over their six children. According to the documents, Webb claimed he “received multiple calls from Jolie’s representative, who told Mr. Webb to remind his staff that they had entered into NDAs with Jolie and that if they testified in a custody proceeding, Jolie would sue them.”