In recent years, law enforcement officers have faced increasingly complex and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, too many have been unfairly targeted and attacked, and others have incorrectly assumed that all cops are bad or corrupt in some way.

However, one restaurant owner in Gallipolis, Ohio, wanted to show these men and women in uniform that they were valued, respected, and indispensable.

To express their unwavering gratitude for the daily sacrifices these courageous individuals make to keep our communities safe and secure, the restaurant displayed a sign in its window, which has garnered much attention.

This small gesture will fuel up any police officer before, during, or after their shifts, encouraging them even further to ensure peace and security on the streets.

Since the sign was placed on the window of KFC, it has caused quite a stir online, garnering an impressive number of likes and shares on Facebook. Customers aren’t the only ones who have noticed; store employees have also joined in on the conversation, expressing their agreement that all uniformed police officers should be served free daily.