The show’s success – coupled, of course, with Aniston’s iconic past as a star on arguably the most successful sitcom of all time, Friends – has seen her reputation surge in recent years. Aniston has never really experienced a ‘dip’ in her career, but her stock has certainly enjoyed a revival since The Morning Show first aired.

Indeed, for anyone old enough to have lived through the era of Friends, it’s almost strange to accept that in five years time, Aniston will be 60 years old.

Time flies, as they say, and even the wealthiest celebrities can’t help but age in front of our faces.

Or can they?

Well, it’s certainly not something the majority of them readily embrace. Quite the opposite in fact: those with inexhaustible bank accounts tend to doggedly fight the aging process – at least in so far as appearance is concerned – undergoing operations and treatments in a bid to keep themselves looking as young as possible.

Incidentally, Jennifer Aniston was reportedly seen leaving a well-known plastic surgery clinic in Connecticut only a few months ago, prompting speculation that she had gone under the knife.