Ukrainian dancer Oleksandr Leshchenko captivated the audience and judges on America’s Got Talent with his unique audition, combining remarkable dance skills with an innovative multimedia presentation. In his performance, Leshchenko danced inside a 4D holographic cube to Birdy’s “Wings,” creating a mesmerizing visual experience. At 34, his fluid dance moves narrated a story in sync with dynamic visuals that reacted to his choreography.

The performance exuded a sense of wonder and joy, with Leshchenko’s movements seemingly controlling the graphics, such as manipulating the hands of a giant clock. You can witness this extraordinary audition below.

Adding to the impressiveness, Leshchenko was not only the dancer but also the choreographer and director of this complex act. He appeared on stage with his wife Lina, the creative producer, and collaborated with Kyiv-based studio Magic Innovations for the diverse visual effects.

The judges were clearly in awe of Leshchenko’s audition. Sofía Vergara exclaimed, “That was the best thing I’ve seen this season. That was insane.” Simon Cowell added, “There was a lot of technology in this act, and I think that can be a bit soulless. But you combine it with everything else. You are such a star – this is an audition we are all gonna remember.”

Watch the video below to experience Oleksandr Leshchenko’s unforgettable 4D dance audition on America’s Got Talent.