As with everything in life, our brains get rusty too. So it might feel a bit difficult to actually get these parts of the brain working. But similar to working out in the gym, after a bit of determination, the end product is going to be extremely beneficial.

The Maths Quiz.

Did that help you? If you have decided on an answer, then scroll down to find it!

The Solution
Before we talk about the solution, do you remember the rule known as PEMDAS (or BEDMAS for some)? That is exactly how you solve this quiz. If you need a brush-up on the order of operations, check out the video below!

So according to the rule, we will first do the equation inside the parenthesis. So, we do 2+1 = 3.

Now, the equation becomes 5 + 7 (3).

The second step is any multiplication/division operators. In this case, it will be 7 (3) = 7 x 3 = 21.

So the equation becomes 5 + 21.

And, finally, there is only the addition that remains. This gives us the final answer: 5 + 21 = 26. So the correct answer was C!