Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson had been married for a brief time, but did the two have any kids during their relationship?

Lisa Marie Presley’s second husband was Michael Jackson.

The couple’s romantic relationship did not begin until 1992, when they were introduced at a dinner party at a mutual friend’s home in Los Angeles.

They had first met at a concert in Las Vegas in the 1970s.

Lisa was then wed to Danny Keough, her first husband. Although they became friends, they did not immediately begin dating.

Jackson asked Presley to marry him over the phone one evening in 1993 after Presley had stood by him during the investigation.

Michael Presley and Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot in a brief 15-minute ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Later, she announced her union to the media in a statement.

Together, Michael and Lisa appeared in public on multiple occasions. The most well-known instance occurred in September 1994 when the singer ofThriller k*ssed Presley live at the MTV Video Music Awards, declaring,