We all remember our childhood sweethearts, that first love we vowed to marry one day while we were still in single digits.

But for Matt Grodsky he wasn’t joking when at 3 years old he stood up in front of his preschool class and declared that one day he would marry his childhood sweetheart Laura Scheel.

It was love at first sight for these two when they met at their school in, Phoenix, Arizona.

The two did everything together and to anyone who saw them they were the cutest couple.

“We have very fond memories of each other. Matt reciting movie lines and scenes from “The Lion King,” Laura teaching Matt how to draw and swing. We went on playdates to each other’s houses and movies with our parents,” said the couple, as per Obsev.

The two toddlers had so much fun together they even started hanging out at the weekend. Their parents just thought it was puppy love at the time but the young couple proved everyone wrong.