How lots of ducks are there in the picture? The viral puzzle at the moment sweeping the internet.

There are 9 ducks suitable? Completely wrong. It is observation skills like that which permitted the guide to be called “Where’s Waldo?” alternatively of “There’s Waldo.” If you glimpse closer at the impression you’ll notice that there are more than 3 ducks in each row.

Individuals all about social media have been duking it out in excess of what the proper remedy could possibly be. Let us squash the poultry and split this down .

Likely from remaining to appropriate, the very first row of ducks goes 1 duck, 2 ducks, 2 ducks. In the 2nd row every single duck is doubled. The third row has a triple duck, followed by two, solitary ducks. Ok…all this math has me quacking up suitable now. If we crack it all down its 1+2+2+2+2+2+3+1+1 which equals…SPOILER ALERT…16! There are 16 ducks in this picture.

So, did you guess properly? Are you wiser than owl or a little bit chook brained? Share with your pals to see who is the leader of your flock!