When my grandmother asked us to come to her place to celebrate her birthday, I didn’t expect my family to do what they did! Grandma was hurt by their actions, and I wasn’t willing to let my family go unpunished. So I came up with a plan that put them in their place!

My tale starts painfully but ends on a somewhat good note. It’s all centered on my Gran-Gran, who is the SWEETEST person alive. This incredible woman practically raised me and my siblings, while our parents were busy divorcing.

I am mentionng this so the reader can understand how special and dear this precious woman is to us, or at least to me. Being the selfless person she is and not wanting to trouble anyone, she surprised everyone ahead of her upcoming 83rd birthday.

Instead of us organizing something special for her, my Gran-Gran had planned an entire brunch at her house! She had all this planned despite her ailing health. On the day, she got up at sunrise to bake her own bread and pastries!

I found out about the event like everyone else, through invitations that my grandmother had sent a week in advance. As if making her own meals wasn’t enough, the woman had drawn and handwritten her invitations herself, DESPITE her shaking hands!