A woman has left people stunned after revealing she burst every blood vessel in her face when giving birth.

Maira welcomed her son into the world earlier this month, The Sun reports.

But in a video on her TikTok page, she revealed the labour was anything but easy.

Maira before her contractions started. Picture: TikTokMaira grimaces during a contraction. Picture: TikTok

In fact, she was pushing so hard that not only did she burst the blood vessels, she also had blood coming out of her eyes.

However, everything was worth it in the end, as she gave birth to a 4.5kg baby boy.

Maira began her video by showing her husband straightening her hair before the contractions started.

She then looked as though the pain had well and truly set it, as she grimaced during a contraction.

“I gave birth to the biggest baby that day – exploding every blood vessel in my face,” she wrote over the footage.

Maira then showed her complexion, with the burst blood vessels evident.

But it was her eyes that caused the biggest jumpscare, as Maira showed the whites of them were completely red.

A woman has left people stunned after revealing she burst every blood vessel in her face when giving birth. Picture: TikTok

“Girllllll (sic) why does this happen??” one person commented on the video.

“Did you hold your breath … like I am curious!! And me just over 6 months preggo (sic), lol!”

“Yes I held my breath and pushed hard not caring of nothing,” Maira replied.

“I just wanted him out because it was hurting me so much. I had blood coming out of [my] eyes.”

During labour, the pushing and straining involved can raise your blood pressure, which can rupture the small blood vessels (capillaries) in the eyes, causing bleeding in the eye.

Bloodshot eyes like Maira’s are usually harmless, and resolve within two weeks of childbirth.

That didn’t stop her from being inundated, however, with dozens of shocked responses.


“The GASP I let out when you showed your eyes,” a third wrote.

To which Maira responded: “Yeah I done (sic) the same when I seen myself!”

“The way my jaw dropped when I saw your eyes! GIRL!” someone else commented.

Others shared their own “big baby” stories, with one writing: “I delivered my daughter at 38 weeks … 11lbs 10oz (4.84kg) the NICU said ‘your toddler is over there’.”

“Mine [was] 10.5lbs (4.67kg) and the doc asked if I had a backpack because he’s ready for school … lol,” another laughed.

“Sorry for this, you are brave mama!” a third wrote.

With Maira adding: “I’m happy everything is over and I have him!”

“I held my breath my partner said I was turning blue I was pushing that hard,” someone else commented.

She concluded her video by showing her baby boy, as he sat looking around the room with his mum supporting his head.

The newborn also had socks on his hands instead of scratch mitts, with Maira laughing: “His hands were too big for the mittens.”


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