In November 2002, the world learned about the engagement of Hollywood’s golden couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The pair, affectionately dubbed “Bennifer,” had a story that was as charming as it was star-studded.
Their love story began on the set of the gangster movie “Gigli” in December 2001, and it didn’t take long for their romance to become a public spectacle in the summer of 2002. The world had seen it coming, given their charming chemistry on set. And when they were spotted sharing kisses in public the following summer, it was crystal clear—Bennifer was a thing.

During an interview with Diane Sawyer for “Primetime,” the couple made it official. Lopez, then 32, was initially coy about their engagement. She laughed and danced around the question, describing their relationship as “secure” and kept the audience guessing. But in a beautifully unscripted moment, she called Affleck during a break and then confirmed their engagement.

The engagement ring he presented to her was a pink diamond set on a platinum band. It was, as Lopez described, “very, very beautiful.” She also spoke warmly of her then-fiancé, describing him as brilliantly smart, loving, and charming. Her admiration for him was evident, and she couldn’t help but express it.

She revealed that she initially, like many, thought of him as a Hollywood playboy type who chased skirts. But love had its way, and as Lopez said, they were more alike than anyone could have imagined.

And then came the ring that would set the diamond world abuzz. Lopez’s pink diamond ignited a craze for colored gemstones, particularly green diamonds.

Pink and green were the colors that ruled that summer, and it all started with that stunning pink diamond. This lovely pink ring not only symbolized their love but also sparked a trend that would continue into the fall.

Sadly, their journey to the altar faced a detour, and Bennifer decided to part ways in 2004, leaving behind the pink diamond ring as a lasting symbol of their brief engagement.

Fast forward to 2021, almost twenty years later, rumors began to circulate that the Bennifer ship was back. Their rekindled love brought a buzz of excitement, and some interesting details emerged. Rob Shuter, Lopez’s former publicist and the host of the “Naughty But Nice” podcast, confirmed their rekindled love, emphasizing that it was the “real deal.”

According to Shuter, Lopez had never returned the pink diamond engagement ring after their split. So, if the couple was moving forward, she was already in possession of a stunning ring. But Affleck outdid himself in proposing to Lopez for the second time. This time, he presented her with a ring even rarer than the one from 2002.

The pink diamond was replaced with a green diamond, making headlines once again. Lopez’s new ring featured an 8.5-carat green diamond, estimated to be worth a staggering $10 million. Set with white diamonds on a platinum band, it was a masterpiece that left experts and enthusiasts alike in awe.

Jenny Luker, President of Platinum Guild International USA, suggested that the green diamond might be double the price of the pink diamond ring. George Khalife, known as George the Jeweler, noted the rarity and value of the green diamond. He described it as “incredibly rare and incredibly stunning,” estimating its worth to be well over $5 million.

Corrine Taylor Davis, a gemologist at Do Amore, believed that the ring would fetch several million dollars at an auction. She stated:

GJEPC Magazine interviewed Los Angeles-based precious gemstone specialist Ilan Portugali, who sourced the rare green diamond and co-designed Lopez’s engagement ring. He shared deeper insight into the allure of rare colors in natural diamonds, particularly the vibrant green gem that now graces Lopez’s finger.

According to Portugali, he brought a stunning array of green diamonds for Lopez and Affleck to consider. These ranged from fancy intense green to blue-green to yellow-greens. Although he couldn’t divulge the specific grades chosen, he revealed that they had a variety of green diamonds worth several million dollars on the table.

The decision, however, quickly tilted in favor of the vibrant green, and as it turns out, it was not a random one. The choice was deeply personal. Green, as Portugali revealed, is Lopez’s favorite color. Affleck, who had spent considerable time with Lopez and understood her preferences, was well aware of this detail.

This choice added a personal touch to the ring, making it not just a rare gem but a symbol of Lopez’s affinity for this color. The actress famously donned a green Versace dress in 2000, which garnered record-breaking attention.

The dress became so iconic that Google had to fast-track the launch of a dedicated search engine for images, now known as Google Images, to keep up with the search traffic for Lopez in her green Versace dress.

Portugali’s expertise in sourcing the unique green diamond and his role in co-designing Lopez’s engagement ring shed light on the careful consideration that went into making this extraordinary piece of jewelry. The gem they chose was indeed a masterpiece, an exquisite embodiment of their love story.

In fact, the approximately 8.5-carat green diamond is the second-rarest color found in a natural diamond, surpassed only by the color red. Interestingly, this choice also marked a departure from the past. Their first engagement ring in 2002 had a 6.1-carat fancy, intense pink diamond from Harry Winston.

The second engagement ring, symbolizing hope and renewal, signified more than a mere gem. Portugali revealed, “Since the pink color was already used in the past, the client did not select pink again.”

It represented a commitment to making a difference this time, an unwavering determination to sail through life’s waves together. And indeed, the Bennifer ship weathered the storms and reached the coveted destination—an altar adorned with love and promises.

Their love story reached its pinnacle on a memorable day in July 2022, when Lopez and Affleck exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as a married couple. With the exchange of these vows, Bennifer showcased the beauty of a love that endured, a testament that, like a rare green diamond, some things are worth waiting for.


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