Taylor Swift is a four-letter word in one Maryland couple’s home.

Last month, Dana Rice’s husband said he could “take it no longer” and created a makeshift jar to capitalize on his wife’s frequent mentions of Swift, 33.

Dana later posted a hilarious video on Instagram capturing her husband, Dan Rice, creating the jar, which said: “Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25.”

Now, speaking with PEOPLE, Dana says she had “no idea” that he “was crafting such a prop” while he was making it in front of her.

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In the clip, the pair can be seen standing in the kitchen together as Dan asks Dana for a sharpie.

“To be honest, he was annoying me because I was trying to get some things done,” Dana — a realtor — explains to PEOPLE.

Then, pulling out her phone to film her husband, because she thought he was “doing something for my niece’s birthday,” Dana continues, “When I came around the corner, the jar caught me off guard because he was so unceremoniously creating it.”

She adds that in the video, “You can see the smirk on his face” as he acted on his idea.

“My husband hooked me up with a roll of quarters right off the bat … And of course they’re going straight into the jar,” Dana says.

In the Oct. 15 video that Dana shared on Instagram, her husband taped a piece of paper to a jar and outlined the rules of the new system, noting that any mention of Swift’s new beau, Travis Kelce, also applies and means that she similarly owes $0.25.

“No! He doesn’t count,” Dana protested in the video, highlighting that the pair had both appeared on Saturday Night Live that weekend.

Dana tells PEOPLE that she has not been a long-time fan of Swift, but the singer’s recent record-breaking Eras Tour changed that.

“I’ve always been a sing-along kind of Taylor Swift fan,” she explains. “It wasn’t until I read comments from non-music industry leaders talking about her tour last spring that I realized I should learn a little more about this person.”

So once she started taking a deeper look at the “Anti-Hero” singer, her fan status was quickly cemented.

“There is so much Taylor Swift ‘lore’ that once you start, you can’t seem to stop consuming it,” Dana says.

Dana also shares her two cents on Swift’s budding romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end — who was spotted in the crowd at the singer’s Eras Tour in Argentina Saturday night, before the two shared a sweet kiss backstage after her performance.

“The public narrative of two superstars finding each other — whether a brief amount of time or a lifetime — will always captivate,” she says, adding that the relationship is “a lot of fun” for fans of music and sports alike to watch unfold.

“Who isn’t drawn to [a] fairytale with [a] Hollywood ending?” Dana says.



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