A 16-year-old took to Reddit to find out if they were at fault for exposing their father’s infidelity in front of their family. Before jumping to the main story, the teenager described their relationship with their father.While growing up, the teen and the teen’s siblings’s father was mostly away from home because of work. The man would stay at his workplace for long hours and often traveled to other cities. He was barely at home with his family.”Siblings and I were basically raised only by my Mom, and I’m really close with her,” the teenager revealed. The teen avoided talking to the father because the man only spoke about the kid’s poor performance at school. The man always told the Redditor to improve their grades or else things would get complicated.

While growing up, the teenager noticed that the father’s behavior had become unusual but didn’t suspect anything. It wasn’t until the child turned 16 that what the man had been hiding from his family surfaced.

“I remember a few months ago, he came home super late, and I could smell a little perfume on him,” the Redditor recalled. The teenager didn’t do anything to find out about the unusual scent that day but soon realized what it meant.

A few days later, the father left his phone on the table, unaware that it would lead to his family learning about his biggest secret when the teenager saw a notification on the phone screen.

“Last night was amazing. Can’t wait to see you again,” someone wrote in a text message sent to the father, leaving the teenager shocked, but knowing what to do next.

Instead of confronting their father or telling the siblings about the message, the teenager rushed to the mother. Thinking the woman would confront their father, the kid told her about what was on the father’s phone, but she wasn’t surprised. The Redditor recalled:

Watching their mother upset, the teenager decided not to take their conversation further. The child recalled that their mother told them not to worry about it. She assured the child she would take care of everything, unaware that the kid would soon expose the man.Soon after seeing the text message, the teenager was invited to a dinner at their grandparents’ house. It was a family reunion where the child’s cousins were also present. During dinner, one of the teenager’s cousins started talking about his new job.When the child’s father learned about the cousin’s new role at a software company, he diverted everyone’s attention to his child. The Redditor recalled, “My Dad took the opportunity to call me out and say I should follow after my cousin and focus more in school.”

Instead of responding to the father, the teenager quietly ate until an uncle joined the conversation, complaining about how it was difficult to talk to young people these days. The teenager’s father agreed, saying that children had stopped respecting their parents and that the Redditor never respected him.

At that point, the teenager lost it and exposed the man’s infidelity, saying, “Hard to respect you when you openly cheat on Mom and don’t even try to hide it.” Hearing those words left everyone silent, and the teenager’s father shocked.

Instead of scolding his child, the man began arguing with his wife, blaming her for spoiling the teenager. Their argument escalated to the point that other family members had to intervene to calm them down. Soon, the man’s wife left the dinner with her children, telling her husband not to come home.”When we got home, my phone started blowing up,” the teenager recalled. Many family members, including the child’s cousins and uncles, blamed the teen for ruining the parents’ marriage. As a result, the teenager felt guilty and apologized to the mother.

The woman understood her child’s feelings but said confronting the man privately would have been better. However, she didn’t blame the teen for ruining her relationship with her husband. Meanwhile, the teen’s father kept calling them, but they didn’t respond.

After narrating the incident, the teenager asked other Redditors for their opinions regarding the situation. A user said, “NTA. It’s a bit awkward to do it over dinner, but if I were a teenager and my dad was insulting my entire person like that, I think I would snap thirty seconds before you did.”

The Reddit user absolved the teenager of fault, blaming the father instead. Meanwhile, another user blamed the teen’s father and extended family for everything. The user added:Here is another story about a child who found out her father’s wife was cheating on him. Instead of telling her father, the woman got her stepmother fired and her lover arrested.


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