A 47-year-old man boarded a plane on the way to see his daughter after his 43-year-old wife left to get Starbucks in the airport. It was already the second time she would make them miss their flight, so he no longer waited for her.

A couple’s daughter, Jess, was receiving her college education in a different state and only saw her on holidays and some weekends. Family reunions are events Jess always looks forward to, so when the couple booked tickets to visit her, she was excited.

Unfortunately, traveling together was not a pleasant experience. The man liked everything organized and did things on time. When traveling, he likes having a headstart to the day in case unforeseen circumstances happen. However, his wife is quite the opposite, with a go-with-the-flow personality.
Things took a turn for the worse when they were going to fly to Jess and missed their flight twice. A year ago, the couple booked a flight at 10 a.m. The man wanted to get to the airport 90 minutes early. Given they lived 30 minutes away, the man believed it was best to leave their home by 8 a.m.

Besides the travel time, he allotted minutes for them to park the car and walk to the boarding area. That day, the man woke up at 6 a.m. to double-check everything. He tried to wake up his wife five times to no avail.

Finally, she got up at 7:40 a.m. Despite supposedly having only 20 minutes, she made her coffee, showered, and ate a bowl of cereal. As a result, they left home around 9 a.m.

Unfortunately, the airport was busier than usual. Because of the long lines going through security, the couple missed their flight. The airline also refused to refund their ticket.

The man got new tickets for the next day, which meant missing nearly an entire day with their daughter. “Jess was disappointed, to say the least,” the man said.Recently, history repeated itself. The couple was set to fly to Jess to help her move homes for the long weekend. Their flight had a short layover, which made traveling a little more complicated.That morning, the man pushed his wife to move quicker to make it to the airport early and not miss their flight. Fortunately, they got there ahead of time. His wife was annoyed and complained about waiting 45 minutes for boarding.When they got to their connecting flight, they had about 15 minutes to spare. The man’s wife wanted to get coffee, and seeing a small market near the terminal, he offered to make the run for her. However, she specifically wanted Starbucks.

Unfortunately, the Starbucks was a rail ride and a walk away. The husband told his wife they didn’t have enough time, but she insisted she would go. He said:

The 15 minutes eventually passed, and the woman still wasn’t back. She also didn’t answer her phone. All groups had already boarded the plane, but the man insisted the attendant wait for his wife. When the wife answered the call, she said the line to get coffee was long, and she was on her way.

Unfortunately, the attendant had to close the doors despite the husband’s plea. Knowing he couldn’t let his daughter down again, he boarded the plane. His wife called minutes later, telling him to get off the plane, but he simply said “no.”

“I said I told you we didn’t have time, but you decided to go anyways. I told her to go purchase a new ticket for the next flight, and I would see her when she arrived,” the man said.The woman followed and acted like nothing happened. However, when they got home, she refused to talk to her. The husband turned to the Reddit community to seek advice for what he did and mentioned that Jess was his daughter from a previous marriage.

Since his post went viral, many agreed that the woman likely acted in such a way because she secretly resented the daughter. One person said:

Another social media user claimed that the “Wife was deliberately sabotaging trips to see the daughter,” making decisions that would prevent their reunion. Do you think that the man was correct to board the plane? What would you have done in his situation?

In a different story, a man insisted that his wife resign from her job upon discovering that a loyal customer with a disability had developed feelings for her.


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