Everyone has some form of preference when it comes to dating. For Jane Fonda, she would rather have a younger beau than an older one. However, her comment was not well-received by fans who expressed their thoughts online.

Jane Fonda has dedicated much of her life to her career in the entertainment industry and has amassed millions of fans globally. She sometimes shares her personal life with the public and, most recently, her preference for relationships.

The Hollywood actress is already in her 80s, but she doesn’t seem to mind having a partner 60 years her junior. In a recent statement, Fonda revealed that she wasn’t proud about her choice of men at the moment.Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in New York City on September 27, 2017 | Source: Getty Images

“I’m ashamed to say this, but if I were to take a lover, he’d have to be 20,” she said. Fonda supported her answer, saying she wanted someone that looked much younger.

Unfortunately, her statement was met with public scrutiny. Some social media users believe Fonda would need to show money to get a younger man, while others suggested it was because she didn’t like feeling old. One person said:

Fan comment dated November 2023 | Source: Instagram/PageSix

Fan comment dated November 2023 | Source: Instagram/PageSix

Fan comment dated November 2023 | Source: Instagram/PageSix

Another fan wondered how her children and grandchildren would react to Fonda bringing a much younger man home and showing her relationship off to the public.

Meanwhile, some supported the “Monster-In-Law” star’s preference and even reasoned that other older celebrities are dating younger men, including singer Cher.

Jane Fonda in Hollywood, California, in 2022. |   Source: Getty Images

While Fonda likes younger men, she admittedly isn’t interested in a sexual partner anymore, as she was already in serious relationships before. In addition, the entertainer said that having a partner in their 20s would make it more difficult to be intimate, as she doesn’t want to be without clothes in front of him.

Although already in her older years, Jane Fonda still looks youthful and timelessly beautiful. She previously appeared in a chic cream top, blazer, and pants during her PAC fundraising event in Texas. The actress also flaunted her thick gray hair as she smiled for the camera.


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