A dad discovered his mother lied about his ex and her kid. On seeing her arrive at his son’s birthday party with an uninvited guest, he kicked her out while everyone watched in awe.

On May 11, 2021, an anonymous male contributor turned to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share his story. Redditor amITA_throwaway_ was all smiles celebrating his son’s first birthday. He tried to make the best of the day. But moments later, his brother exclaimed with disbelief when their mother arrived.

The Original Poster (OP) was unsettled seeing her with a familiar face he’d always neglected. Almost every acquaintance made it to the party guest list except one person—his ex’s son. His mother brought him along to the party, unaware of the risk she’d taken.

Five years ago, OP had broken up with his girlfriend after discovering she cheated on him. Problems escalated after he found out about his son’s paternity. He explained:

“We had a 7-month-old son that I learned wasn’t mine after I demanded a paternity test, and so I was out of his life after that.”

After learning the truth, OP didn’t want to father the kid anymore. Some of his family members condemned him for his hasty decision. Even his mother tried to convince him, but he refused to change his mind.

OP stopped talking to his mother since she accepted his ex’s kid as her first grandchild. He moved on and found love again. He added:

“When my girlfriend got pregnant, my mom reached out and wanted to make amends for us to be in each other’s lives.”

His mom assured him that she hadn’t contacted his ex. So OP trusted his mother and gave her a chance. He thought it would be nice for his son to know his grandma.

Finally, the big day arrived and OP was beyond elated to celebrate his little boy’s first birthday. The happy father was busy attending to his guests when he noticed a startling expression on his brother’s face. OP recalled:

“On the actual day of my son’s birthday, my brother saw my mom first and goes [expletive]. He saw her getting out of the car with my ex’s kid from the window, and he told me.”

His brother told him he had no idea their mother would bring the kid along. OP, who didn’t want any drama on his son’s special day, became so furious that he stormed outside to meet his mom.

As soon as OP saw his mom, he yelled at her for bringing his ex’s kid. He was shocked to discover that his mother had lied to him for so long. She apologized to him, saying the kid’s biological father neglected him.

Some felt that OP was justified for not wanting to father someone else’s kid.

OP’s mom explained to him that the kid thought he was his dad after seeing their old pictures. However, OP refused to listen and yelled at his mother, saying: “Get the [expletive] out and don’t ever come back or bring him around again.” Soon afterward, he returned to the party for his son’s sake.

Days later, OP’s mother contacted him and admitted she was wrong. She told him that she wanted to make his ex’s son feel a part of the family. However, he hung up on her.

Some family members criticized OP for kicking his mother out despite knowing her good intentions. As a result, OP was confused and turned to the online community for advice. After reading his story, user dnjprod agreed with him and said:

“OP’s mom is 100% responsible for any pain that kid experiences from this. She should be ashamed of herself. She knew exactly what would happen.”

Redditor LuxObvius commented that OP’s family tried to pull a successful cuckoo childhood by introducing his ex’s son to his new family. The person explained:

“Who the [expletive] in their right mind would accept this, ever? The child is not yours. It was conceived through cheating. It has no place in your life, and you have no place in its life.”Redditor type1error lashed out at OP’s mother and his ex in a comment that read: “That is so cruel. This poor boy thinks there is this father out there who just doesn’t want to be his dad.”Some felt that OP was justified for not wanting to father someone else’s kid. They also claimed it wasn’t the kid’s fault if his biological father abandoned him.


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