After his parents were told their son would only live to be two years old, a young man proved all his doctors wrong. Despite criticism, he has built a wonderful life for himself and his family.

Austin Jones is a business owner born with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD) in 1996. The disease slowly eats at the muscle, leaving the person with weakened muscles and limited use.

While Austin has been through a lot, he is proud to have built a beautiful family, a successful business, and a wonderful marriage. However, social media users have criticized Jones’ relationship.

Austin began a clothing company to raise awareness and funds for the disease while maintaining his relationship with his wife and being the best father possible to their young daughter. After he accepted his wife’s girl as his own, Austin welcomed his own twins despite his disability and increased criticism from people.

His wife, Muckala Marie Jones, shared the delightful news on social media, where the couple could be seen cradling their little ones. “Help me welcome Piper Rose and Penelope Layne to the world!! Piper is 5lbs 6oz and Penelope is 5lbs 2oz both are 18 inches,” wrote the doting new mom in a Facebook post on September 24, 2023.

When Austin was only seven, he went into respiratory failure. Fortunately, he made it through and thanked God and the team of people who helped him. However, from that day forward, he had to use a ventilator and a wheelchair every day.

Although some people think that it is terrible that Austin has to use a wheelchair and a ventilator each day, he doesn’t see it as a problem. He says:

“It’s given me a life and a perspective I could have never imagined.”

While Austin is differently abled than others, he has traveled to 38 states and chased his dreams with his loved ones. He also hopes that he has changed lives along his travels throughout his country.Austin has learned that nobody should ever take life for granted. He strives to make as many memories as possible because he believes that, in the end, memories are all he will have when his time for adventure is over.

The 27-year-old says he lives intrepidly because he was born with a life expectancy of two years and has already defied the odds. He is now grateful for his wife, his daughter, and the adorable twins who completed his family. However, few people are happy for him.

In August this year, Austin’s brother took to TikTok to share videos of Austin’s wedding to his wife, sharing the happy occasion with their followers. Yet when he posted the video, Austin’s brother received many comments doubting the relationship.

Many videos were posted, and while there were supportive people in the comments, there were also those who wondered why Austin’s wife would marry a man with such severe health issues and others who questioned her motives.

Some thought Muckala had only married him because he had money. Others assumed that Austin received a huge disability check every month, which his wife was trying to get her hands on.Others congratulated the couple on their marriage but said that Austin’s wife didn’t look happy in the videos. One commenter even wondered what Muckala’s parents thought of their marriage. One person asked if they were the only ones wondering what was wrong with her.

In response to the hate his marriage has received, Austin shared screenshots of the comments on Facebook and wrote:

“I didn’t know it was possible to be as miserable as the people in these comments.”

Shortly after receiving the hateful comments, Austin’s brother posted another TikTok video about his brother and sister-in-law. He clarified that Muckala was certainly not with him because of his money, mostly because he was not rich.

A comment on a video of Austin Jones and his wife | Source:

Austin’s brother clarified that the only reason his sister-in-law had married his brother was that they loved one another and made each other happy. He explained that the couple lived with him in an 1800s farmhouse, which cost less than a new car.

His brother also hoped that one day Austin would gain money from his company, Live Intrepid Clothing Company, and that the video he was posting might motivate people to buy his brother’s products, but that the business was only just starting and hadn’t begun making money yet.

He also confirmed that Austin and his wife had goals and aspirations and were raising a family together. He asked the commenters to stop leaving negative comments on their videos and thanked those who had left supportive messages.

Today, Austin and Muckala are happy parents to three kids and continue to go strong, despite the criticism and hateful remarks. The couple, who celebrated Thanksgiving 2023 with their twins, posted a video on TikTok, where they were seen doting on their bundles of joy.

People showered the Jones family with sheer love and support in the comments. Many pointed out how much the twinnies resembled their father. “They look like [their] daddy!! Beautiful family,” wrote one TikToker. Several others echoed the same sentiment.


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