A woman was only 13 when she first started dating her boyfriend, 15. He was her first everything, and she intended to be with him for the rest of their lives.

When the woman turned 20, they were engaged to marry. Six months later, they found out they were pregnant.

A couple of days after finding out, however, she suffered a painful miscarriage. The woman defined the miscarriage as the “worst moment” of their relationship.

They’d always wanted to start a family early. The miscarriage broke them, a significant blow to their relationship.

The woman fell depressed. At the time, she had no energy to care for her mourning husband-to-be.

She mourned alone and didn’t consider her partner’s feelings. This led to a lot of arguing, and they blamed each other at one point.

The woman’s partner implied she was somewhat at fault for the miscarriage, while she accused him of not knowing how painful it was to lose a life growing inside you.

After realizing they just kept hurting one another, they decided to split. Their prolonged separation spanned a year, but they were in contact with one another.

The woman went to therapy to heal, and her ex-boyfriend went on several sessions with her.

They Gave the Relationship Another Chance

After the woman turned 23, she and her ex-boyfriend decided to give their relationship another go. However, they soon realized it just wasn’t the same.

Her boyfriend kept himself at a close distance, and a part of her felt it was because he still blamed her for what happened. Rather than enjoying each other’s company, the woman felt paranoid.

Her paranoia got the best of her, and she started checking his phone at one point. She then discovered that he had been confiding in her sister during their one-year separation.

To the woman’s horror and heartbreak, she also discovered that her boyfriend and sister had been intimate. While the man insisted he cut off all contact with her sister before they got back together, it was too late: her sister was pregnant.

All along, everyone in the woman’s circle knew of the betrayal. She kicked her boyfriend out of the house and cut off everyone they knew.

On the path to moving on, the woman suddenly received an invitation to her sister and ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She was in disbelief.

The Woman Caused a Scene at a Party

She found herself drunk and ready for a fight. After finding out her parents were throwing the couple a pre-wedding party at their house, she hailed a cab and made her way there.

The woman left nothing unsaid. She gave the most candid speech to everyone at the party to the point that her sister ran up the stairs in tears.

Her parents slammed her for ruining the impending wedding. The woman couldn’t care less: nobody ever apologized to her, and she kept justifying the relationship between her ex and sister.

“The worst part is my sister told me maybe my baby died for a reason so she could get her happy ending,” the woman ended her speech.

All her life, the woman had never been aggressive. However, she was so upset that she couldn’t help but confront everybody that night.

The woman wondered whether she was wrong for bombarding everyone with her drunken speech. She sought opinions from users on Reddit on her situation.

After the distressing night, the woman blocked everyone she knew. However, her sister used an unblocked number to call her right after she posted the story on Reddit.

Her sister demanded she return the ring her ex-fiancé gave her as it would be disrespectful to keep it knowing he was marrying her instead. She also accused the woman of being immature for not being happy for her, primarily since she intended to make her the Maid of Honor at the wedding.

Tired of fighting, the woman conceded. She apologized for ruining the party and said she’d mail the ring back.


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