The hikers who stumbled upon Julian Sands‘ remains have recounted their shocking discovery in a new interview, and their recollections are grim…

On June 24, recreational hikers found the remains of Sands, 65, on Mount Baldy, California.

Sands, a British actor, had initially been reported missing on January 13 after embarking on a solo hike.

Bill Dwyer, one of the hikers who came across Sands’ remains in Goode Canyon, shared with The Los Angeles Times: “It was surreal.”

As the hikers ascended Mount Baldy, about three hours into their trek, they encountered a boot, followed by another boot at a higher elevation. As they continued, they discovering some trekking poles and bones, and eventually “a pile of dark winter clothes” close by.

In one of the pockets, they discovered a wallet containing a driver’s license featuring Sands’ face.


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