Longtime resident Martin Brown had to make accommodations for his mother-in-law once his son was born since she desired to move closer. (video can be found at the foot of this article)

He moved her out, to their furnished former garage, rather than in. He had the detached flat turned into a one-person modest cottage.

With granny nearby to watch the kids, the family can now easily get together anytime they want!

The 1920s building retained some of its original components and required a year to plan before construction began.

There was still tough concrete flooring to minimise the need for upkeep on the house.

The Browns purposefully chose not to put windows on the sides of the house in order to maintain their privacy.

Having windows in the walls would have made the home feel too open, given its proximity to both the main house and its neighbours.

Large glass double doors and skylights, on the other hand, provide an abundance of natural light and a sense of space.